In the modern world there is a global trend towards companies which focus on technical, environmental and social standards. This focus is increasing everyday, with consumers being more demanding. Certification is a way to indicate that the company or product complies with the standards and, therefore, is committed to the satisfaction of the client/consumer.


Participation in the Brazilian Program for Self-Regulation of Professional, Military and School Apparel and Clothing is a way to meet the technical parameters, quality, environmental and social system established for the Brazilian manufacturing industry, with increasing efficiency processes and competitiveness. The QUAL SEAL is a competitive differentiator that enhances the image of the company with buyers and allows the companies to reap benefits from participation in bidding for government purchases.


To learn more, visit the QUAL SEAL Program which is available for download.


Any questions can be answered through email seloqual@abit.org.br or call Miss. Karine Liotino on phone 55 11 3823-6195

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